College Sports Weekend Salute: Vic Beasley

Next up is Vic Beasley from Cremson 22 6'2 236lbs

College Sports Weekend Salute : Shawn Oakman

With College Football winding down and College Basketball just starting we thought we'd salute the best athletic bodies working on getting a diploma.  First up Shawn Oakman of Baylor's.  He's 22, 6'9 279lbs.

Watching Now: Oprah Sits Down With Michael Sam

Tonight Oprah sits down with the first openly gay NFL Player Michael Sam for an interview/documentary tonight on own at 9PM. 

In May 2014, Michael Sam was eligible for the NFL draft. After six rounds passed in the draft, Michael was still waiting to be selected by a team. Michael ended up being drafted in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams, but he says he experienced a moment of doubt before finally getting that phone call. Find out what Michael was thinking and who gave him peace of mind in a clip from the interview below.

The NFL Never Even Asked To See the Ray Rice Video

In early September, amid an intensifying, national furor over his discipline of former star Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell tried to assuage the league’s fans, concerned politicians, outraged domestic violence advocates, and team owners.

He said the league asked for the video taken inside the elevator but was “never granted the opportunity”.

Recent testimony from others in the League office suggests otherwise….


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