5 Holiday Gifts For the Tech Nerd In Your Life

If you're like my boo, you never know what to get the special tech nerd in your life.  I've picked my my 5 favorite things that I have or hope to get (if he's reading this) for the holiday.  Any one of these will be sure to please.

Beats By Dre Wireless2 Headphones.  Some have called them over priced but honestly the sound quality is the best I've experienced from any headphones.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Its a laptop and a tablet.   You really don't need to much more than that, but it really is a great device and its so light so you don't feel like you're carrying around something bulky.  The keyboard is heaven.

An Xbox One or A Playstation 4.  I couldn't decide which to get, and they both have great things about them and games I play on both systems.  Word of advice, unless the system comes with a game, you'll need to get your boo a game too.

Google Chrome Cast.  In a year, I see this replacing my cable subscription.  The Apps alone pay for this thing 3 times over.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Galaxy Note 4 Edge.  The mammoth of half tablet/half phone.  Its cutting edge technology and you need it in your life.  I haven't owned a Samsung product yet that I don't love.


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