Why Do Pride Promoters Keep Hiring Non-Gay Homophobic Talent?

We're talking about you David McIntosh. 

Around the same time Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and a few others posted the transphobic picture of Caitlyn Jenner, which asked why the media was focused on her transistion instead of Akon bringing solar energy to Africa, David McIntosh posted and later deleted the image. 

Now that his Miami Sizzle checks have cleared and he's back to taking selfies in the gym for a living, he's forgotten about his core fanbase.

This wouldn't be the first time Pride promoters slipped up in the talent department.  In 2010, rapper Wale cancelled his DC Pride performance (citing he didn't know it was a gay event, he later performed for free)

So we ask, why are we putting money in the pockets of those who don't support us?  Don't get us wrong, we love being packed into clubs to watch (insert cast member of R&B Divas here) but we would love more focus on the emerging LGBT acts that could use the exposure.



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