White Gay Guy Complains That Blacks and Asians Don't Want To Date Him

Lance Fisher of Philadelphia says white guys too face racial discrimination in the gay community especially when it comes to online dating and gay dating apps.

“I was talking to this Asian guy and we were talking for a couple of days off and on,” Fisher told Aazah, “We traded pictures but they were just body pictures at first,” he continued. “And then, I mean I looked light-skinned in that picture for some reason and so he just assumed I was mixed or latino. And then I said I was White.”

“He said, ‘Oh. my dude. You know, you seem cool or whatevver, but I’m not into white guys.'”

“Three years after that, still with a defeated, you know, self-ego, I was on my way to Black Pride in Atlanta waiting for a friend of mine. We agreed that we’re gonna meet up at Lennox Mall"

“I was waiting for my train and then I saw him coming through the aisle. And there were these two black guys in front of us.”

“Again, at first, they were chuckling and I didn’t know what the reason was. I just ignored it. Then they kind of like started pointing at my friend who was having difficulty walking through the aisle.”

“And then they started laughing because they said, “Look at that White guy going to Black Pride.”

“And then one of them said that, “Who would fuck him?” So I kind of like you know, tried to tap one of them and I said, “Hey guys, another white guy behind you. Not that I’m eavesdropping but I think that was not funny.”

“But they were nice enough that they apologized and they said, you know, ‘We were just joking, that was very insensitive of us’.”

“That was the first time I actually thought that, you know, if you stand up and then if you call out people, you actually stop the behavior or at least you feel that you did something for yourself.”

"I know that this happens to black guys and asians and latinos but it also happens to white guys too, we are often forgotten about in the conversation about race. There are just as many profiles with 'no white guys' on them.  Most guys fear that I have some type of fetish or that I'm really an undercover racist"

What are your thoughts on this? 


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