Moonlight Gets Oscar Box Office Boost

Moonlight enjoyed a surge at the US box office over the weekend thanks to its Academy Award win for Best Picture.

The first LGBTI-themed film to ever win Oscar’s top prize added $2.5 million to its gross for a total of $25.4 million to date.

Moonlight’s distributor, A24, added 979 screens to give the film its widest release to date of 1,564 screens.

The expansion took place on the same weekend that the film became available for home viewing via streaming.

Moonlight is still the lowest grossing movie of any of the Best Picture nominees this year.

La La Land, for example, has grossed $145.7 million while Hidden Figures has taken in $158.8 million.

But Moonlight was by far the least expensive to make with a production budget of just $1.5 million.

‘This movie is now set up for this incredible wave that is not typical. This is a textbook scenario where the Oscar really is going to provide a nice boost,’ comScore Senior Analyst Paul Dergarabedian told Gay Star News last week.

‘To get a big Oscar bounce in theaters, you are actually better off going into the Oscars without a lot of money in the bank yet.’

Since Moonlight had been so little seen before the Oscar, Dergarabedian said the headline-making mistake that first had La La Land announced as the winner has only added to the buzz.

Best Picture presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had been given the wrong envelope and La La Land producers had taken to the stage and given their speeches before learning that Moonlight was the true winner.

‘That story was everywhere,’ Dergarabedian said.

‘Suddenly Moonlight’s profile went up and this film was placed on the world stage.’


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