Gay Argentinian rugby player left with fractured eye after brutal homophobic attack

A RUGBY player in Argentina suffered an horrendous homophobic attack which left him hospitalised with a fractured eye.

Jonathan Castellari was buying breakfast when we was jumped by seven men and savagely beaten up.

The player is a member of Ciervos Pampas Rugby Club, an organisation that aims to fight discrimination against homophobia.

According to Marca, Castellari was with a friend at the time when the group of men started hurling insults in his direction.

He was then on the receiving end of beatings as pictures show him with a badly swollen eye and blood splattered on his shirt.

A statement from LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights in Argentina read: "From the Argentina LGBT Federation we are already accompanying them during this terrible moment and doing everything in our power to ensure that the justice system responds quickly and finds those responsible."

Lifelong friend Agustina Vivero uploaded a picture of Castellari to Twitter alongside the caption: "Today at 6am, a group attacked my friend to within an inch of his life, shouting 'F****t" and "F****** f****t'.


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