Couple Accused Of Stealing U-Haul Van

BROCKTON – A duo from Brockton was arrested on Tuesday morning after police said they rented out a U-Haul van and then kept the vehicle, removing the logos and tinting the windows.

Brockton police said Thomas Michael Pinto, 21, of 48 Jordan St., rented out a U-Haul van about three weeks ago. But then Pinto cancelled his credit card transaction for the van rental, Brockton police said.

Eventually, a U-Haul representative spotted the van on Addison Avenue and reported it to Brockton police, who went to investigate at the 14 Addison St. location at 6:19 a.m.

The van, which was running, was absent of any U-Haul logos when police arrived, said Sgt. Michael Dennehy.

“They removed the U-Haul insignias and tinted the windows,” Dennehy said.

When police arrived, the UHaul van was running, and Pinto was in the passenger seat, Dennehy said. The van was blocked in the driveway by another by a car, Dennehy said.

Pinto was arrested and charged with larceny of a motor vehicle. Earlier in March this year, Pinto was arrested and charged with possession of a Class A substance, heroin, along with speeding and driving with a suspended license, after he was pulled over by police near the Barrett Russell School in Brockton.

In the driver’s seat was a resident at the 14 Addison St. apartment building. Evanilson M. Gomes, 31, was arrested and charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

Pinto and Gomes were arraigned later at Brockton District Court on Tuesday.

Prosecutors declined to arraign Gomes on any charge of receiving a stolen motor vehicle, according to a clerk from Brockton District Court.

Prosecutors only arraigned Gomes on a charge of operating on a suspended driver’s license, the court clerk said. He was released on personal recognizance.

However, Judge Paula Clifford ordered that Pinto be held on a suspected violation of parole on the previous drug arrest this year in Brockton.

Pinto was able to post the $500 bail that Clifford set in the new case connected to the U-Haul van. But she ruled that the 21-year-old must be held in jail pending a probation violation hearing on August 16.


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